Frequently Asked Autocross Questions

We've compiled a list of common questions about Autocross, if you have other questions please feel free to let us know.

Who can compete at Gateway Autocross events?
Gateway Autocross events are open to drivers 18+ with a valid driver's license. Minors may participate but must have parent/guardian permission to do so.
Who runs Gateway Autocross?
Gateway Autocross events put on by the NASA-X Central Region, staffed by Dave and Beth Whitworth, Janice Rick, Chris Hammond, Carla Russo and Jose Hernandez.
How many runs per event?
Gateway Autocross events will have a minimum of 4 runs per run group, any additional runs will not be counted on results. It is quite possible that the morning run groups get more, or less runs, than the afternoon run groups. It all depends on the number of attendees and how quickly things go.
How much are events?
A single session (morning or afternoon) entry is $35. If you want to run both morning and afternoon sessions, the price is $50, but only your first 4 morning runs count for results, afternoon entries will be classed as FUN. The price will be the same for NASA Members and non-member.
Do I need to be a NASA Member?
While NASA Membership is suggested, it is not required to participate in Gateway Autocross events.
Are passengers allowed?
1 properly waivered passenger is allowed to ride in a vehicle that meets safety requirements and has appropriate safety restraints.
Can I run both the morning and afternoon sessions?
With the split sessions (morning/afternoon) it is possible to enter both sessions. This requires an additional entry fee, and additional work assignment.


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