Getting Started

Getting Started with Autocross

Whether you have never autocrossed before, or you consider yourself a seasoned veteran, Gateway Autocross Association Events will provide you with a fun option for improving your skills and seeing what your vehicle can do.

What’s different about Gateway Autocross Association?

Why, why is there another group in St. Louis providing autocross events? Why not? We are avid autocrossers, having participated in events around the country on a regular basis. We’re trying to take what we’ve learned from thousands of attended events and put together the best autocross experience you can find. Run in the Morning, or Afternoon With our events, you get to choose when you run. Do you have family commitments in the morning, and can’t attend the usual Sunday morning events, that is fine, come and run with us in the afternoon! Have a BBQ or party to get to in the afternoon, great, come run with us in the morning. Have nothing else to do? Run both the Morning and Afternoon sessions with Gateway Autocross.

Registration Basics

We offer online registration before the event, and the ability to register on site as well. We run both a Morning and Afternoon session, you can choose if you want to run morning, or afternoon, you do not need to run with other competitors in your class. For online registration links, visit the Schedule page to get a link for each individual event.

Car Classification

Our events offer car classification using NASA’s 2015 classification guidelines. We also offer an Index class based on 2015 SCCA Classing/PAX, if you want to run in an SCCA class, you will be indexed with all other SCCA classed cars and indexed based on the 2015 PAX. We also offer classing for car clubs that bring out a group of competitors to the event.


Trophies are given out for the top 3 finishers in each of the 11 NASA classes, as well as Top 3 finishers in the SCCA Indexed class. We also offer trophies for any car club classing that is provided.